Founded by por Luis Diego Zúñiga Vega and his wife, Kattya Hidalgo Murillo, began construction back in July, 2004; and by 2005, the hotel had already been offering top-quality lodging.

Its founders both come from Costa Rican families who are truly proud of their background, passionately in love with nature and in constant search of peace among their fellowmen. They spot the amiable and attentive character that sketches the down-to-earth, simple Costa Rican, which solidarity with own and sundry makes all feel always at home.

Along the lines of its owners’ inspiration, motivation and determination, El Silencio del Campo has grown beside its gardens that showcase a taste of this country’s fauna, with high hopes to continue paving its path. Twenty village-like rooms, a swimming pool, a restaurant, Spa and thermal waters all have set up bridges to enjoy Mother nature’s gift to mankind.

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Colorful gardens carefully designed the view to the majestic and ponderous Arenal Volcano and the hands-on contact with numerous species of flora and fauna, all fulfill the senses with joy and a sense of being one with God’s most beautiful creation. Breathtaking scenes of the rising and setting sun lay out nature’s masterpiece in which our premises smoothly blend in to give the discriminating nature lover the peace of mind they crave for.

Here at El Silencio del Campo, we have built a cozy atmosphere for the visitor as we are more than willing to provide services that exceed all expectations with a warm smile, proving our uncompromising commitment to foster a friendship with those who come to us in search of harmony with nature and the sense of being just one step below heaven itself.

El Silencio del Campo is undoubtedly the place everyone wants to come to but no one wants to leave ever.
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