The hotel’s gardens, green areas and all other fields are taken care of by a knowledgeable staff that has made the preserving of nature their own quest. So identified are they with mother nature that they carefully apply the best of their ample knowledge to minimize the harm or change to our natural resources.

We recycle, reuse and reduce. Collection of materials such as glass, plastic, aluminum and other metals is the norm, not the exception. Organic waste is subject to a process to produce 100% natural soil to be used in our own garden and greenery. And cooking oil is sent to a local plant that converts it into biogas.

Currently, our personnel are being professionally trained to apply best practices in flora and fauna conservation. A reforestation process and the sowing of new plants are being carried out to replenish the areas outside the hotel, ever strengthening the ecosystems soundly to keep up with the national policy of sustainable development.

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